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3.4 - Opening a Copylist

The good thing about Copylists and one of the main features of MuVOn is that Copylists can be saved and reloaded for future use. Copylists are saved as m3u files so should be useable in other applications.

Click the Open Copylist button add file button on the main interface to open a file chooser dialog window. The default directory opened is determined by the parameter Default Copylist Directory in the preferences window.

Select an m3u file and load the Copylist. When the Open button is clicked on the file chooser, both the Source List and Copylist windows are opened and the latter is populated with the contents of the m3u file.

3.5 - Saving a Copylist

A Copylist is saved using the same kind of procedure to open it. Simply click the Save button in the Copylist window. This displays a filechooser dialog window where the name of the file can be specified and the file is saved to the chosen directory with an m3u extension.