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3.2 - Preferences

Before getting to adding files and create copylists though, the first things that get displayed, are two messages. "Muvon Configuration does not exist, default values will be used" and "Path provided cannot be found. Either the directory does not exist or is not yet mounted.". Both of these messages should happen and there is not a bug in the application!!

When MuVOn is first executed it searches for a file .muvon in the user's home directory. If this does not exist, it uses some default config values (hence the first message). Next, MuVOn checks to find whether the player is mounted. It takes whatever value has been specified by the config for the player's mounted directory (in this case, the default value has been set as /mnt/muvo). MuVOn finds this directory does not exist and gives the second message.

THUS... Some values need to be provided in order to get MuVOn working happily on your system. Helpfully provided is a preferences window, which will allow the creation of a .muvon config file in your home directory with the correct values for your system. Right-click the MuVOn and select Preferences from the menu.

Preference Parameters: