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3.1 - Process

MuVOn was originally designed to get around a manufacturing limitation in the Muvo mp3 player (at least my version had it) - the fact that the order of played tracks was determined by the order in which the tracks were copied to the player. This was a little annoying, especially if I just wanted to listen to an album, which would be copied onto the player alphabetically rather than track order.

Since then, mp3 players can change the order of their tracks but getting the order right before copying is still my preferred option and MuVOn does that rather nicely I think. MuVOn has an intermediate step between choosing file and copying to the player encapsulated in my notion of the copylist. Files are selected from the source list window and placed onto a new copylist, which allows the resorting and removal of tracks. Once the user is happy with the tracks on the copylist and their order, the entire copylist is committed to the player. Because of the nature of the muvo player, these tracks are always appended to the end of the muvo's internal playlist.

So the process kinda goes like this: