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1.1 - Disclaimer

The MuVOn application is released as a standalone application that should perform most of its functions. It should work as intended but under the terms of the license no warranty is provided. The author of this documentation and the MuVOn developers are not responsible for any damages caused by following this guide or by using the applications covered in this guide.

I have tried to write this guide as error-free as possible, but there may be some errors I haven't noticed. If you notice anything that should be changed, please let me know. MuVOn is currently a moving target as it's still under development, so this guide may not always be completely up to date. Most things should be correct and up to date of course though. The MuVOn source also includes a TODO file. Also note that this guide covers all the functionality and design decisions behind MuVOn so it may be a good idea to read it as a book, otherwise you may miss something :-)

The MuVOn application is licensed under the Lesser GNU Public License.

This documentation is licenced under Creative Commons Attribution 2.5. The full legal text for the licence can be read here.