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1 - Getting Started

MuVOn is a project I joined about a year ago. Its purpose is the development of a GUI application that could copy a set of music files onto a muvo©  mp3 player but allow the sorting and moving about of the files before committing them to the mp3 player.

The problem with this particular mp3 player was that the songs will only play in the order in which they were copied. Consequently, it was a pain to recreate the list each time hence my need to look around for an application to do the job.

The MuVOn project was created by the user foss_city at on Sourceforge and I (phantomjinx) have now taken over most of the development. A GTK version of the application exists, written in Perl, while this latest version is written in Java (purely because I like Java and wanted to polish off my skills!). You can judge the quality for yourselves.

All documentation on the web site concerns the Java version of the application. However, the GTK version works in fundamentally the same manner so by all means have a look if you want to know how something works. 

Any questiosn, try contacting me at phantom_sf at

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